October 2, 2019 Dan Wilson

Unruly Trust Talks

Along with half of Adtech in London I went down to the Unruly Trust Talks this morning at the Century Club. Great line up of panels and speakers with some interesting topics.

The view from the sell-side was interesting and there were lots of good insights into the problems that publishers are facing from the tech tax, the sales education process and the impact on yields from ITP.

Mail Online were quite candid on the yield challenges they face from Safari, as are The Telegraph. Give Me Sport are apparently unaffected by it, which I found odd. Interestingly publisher-side SPO (Demand Path Optimisation*?) did not come up, in fact the opposite for Mail Online, who now work with over 20 SSPs.

There was an interesting comment from Havas linked to ITP in a later panel and I am paraphrasing here but it sounded like they had started excluding Safari from targeting when their clients are using last-click attribution models. So much is insightful here – excluding a massive audience is never good, especially when there are identity solutions out there that are gaining traction. Last click attribution – I could type for hours about this, but a system has been gamed here and I really don’t think this is in anyone’s interest.

The identity panel moderated by Paul Gubbins was the highlight for me – good to see some proper questions being asked. Kudos to Unruly for putting on the event, worth attending in the future.

*Did I just invent some new jargon?



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