August 14, 2018 Dan Wilson

MiFID – good regulation in action

The London Stock Exchange recently published a report on the first six months of MiFID II trading. Granted this is not the most thrilling document, but it is nonetheless quite remarkable. MiFID is an EU directive on financial services, which touches all aspects of trading and investment – and LMX falls under MiFID too.

Some of the executive summary takeaways in the LSE report are quite interesting and worth highlighting. These are interesting points:

“…new order types [are emerging]…”
“Trading protocols and mechanisms will emerge and evolve across asset classes…”
However, the one takeaway that really caught my attention is this one:
“… obliging service providers, market makers and trading venues to demonstrate and verify their value to the execution process.”

This goes to the heart of what LMX is doing for media, and there are too many vendors in the current media ecosystem who add no value to the process. We think there is another way – and that way is helping to shape financial markets in Europe. It will shape media too.


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