“The world is your sandbox, so make the best fucking sandcastle anyone has ever seen”

Not my words, the first image search on Google when I searched for a quote about sandboxes. I quite like it though.

As of today, LMX has been accepted into the FCA regulatory sandbox. This means we are able to test our innovative service in a live environment.

For the first time, media can now be traded in a regulatory environment, providing trust and transparency to both buyers and sellers. We are giving control back to the people who need it, moving away from middlemen driving revenue leakage, moving away from grey market arbitrage.

Now, let’s talk about transparency in media.

As a team, this was an extensive undertaking and we are grateful to the support provided by our dedicated case officers at the FCA.

For more details on the FCA Sandbox programme please see: https://www.fca.org.uk/firms/regulatory-sandbox


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