August 5, 2018 Dan Wilson

Slowing down is sometimes the best way to speed up

I read the Tom Peters (@Tom_Peters) post this week about speed, and why good things take time. I’ve been guilty of pushing the speed mantra several times in my career, including here at LMX. Sometimes this has been extremely beneficial, other times I agree with Tom – that there is a speed trap.

It’s not obvious at the time but it becomes blindingly obvious that “the soft stuff is the hard stuff”.

A couple of months ago I put some of my H2 personal KPIs on Twitter – (more tea, less coffee; more reading, less Netflix; do an ultramarathon). However there are some work KPIs I have also been forming and I think these are going to be very important in H2. Thankfully Tom made it easy for me.

Because soft is hard my H2 KPs will also cover investing more time in the soft stuff and building better and deeper relationships. All underpinned by a better understanding of the speed trap, and a much deeper appreciation of the need for upgraded communication.

Full text of what Tom wrote here:


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