June 25, 2018 Dan Wilson

Continuing out Elite programme – module 2

Elena and I were back at the London Stock Exchange for module 2 of the Elite accelerator programme this week. Once again it was a very thought-provoking couple of days on marketing and sales.

Marketing, in particular, is something we have potentially not done enough of so far in 2018 but we are determined to fix that with some of the work we have in the pipeline. I think our attitude to this has been “we’re busy building so we will finish this later” sums up many startups – the ultimate binary trade-off of where to allocate time and resources.

We also looked at some of the personality traits of teams through an excellent session that The Caffeine Partnership ran (https://thisiscaffeine.com/). Of no surprise to anyone, is the mix of personality traits that Elena and I have – but the point of the session wasn’t about us, it was about putting ourselves in our prospects/clients’ position and working out how best to approach a stakeholder in a company. Some of the best salespeople I’ve worked with do this instinctively (and it is very rare in my experience), some of the worst – well, we’ve all had experience of those. I guess sales aptitude is not distributed on a bell curve.

It was also a great opportunity for us to further deepen relationships with some of our contacts from other organisations on the Elite programme as well as within the LSE themselves.


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