April 27, 2018 Dan Wilson

London Stock Exchange – ELITE

LMX was very fortunate to join the LSE Elite programme yesterday. For those of you who don’t know Elite this video sums it up nicely.

Day 1 was full on, starting with all the companies on the cohort opening the market. In the USA on NYSE this is a huge ceremony with lots of noise and an actual bell before the pit trading starts. In London, there is a very serious countdown and a very automated system. I tweeted yesterday that it is every entrepreneurs’ dream to open the market, and whilst the ceremony yesterday was not purely about LMX, it was a very interesting process.

The companies on Cohort 9 of the LSE Elite programme are very diverse – from fast growing industrial groups to fast growing AI companies to fast growing smart cities operators to LMX. The diversity really works in the programmes favour as the background might be different but the challenges are real – how to reliably scale an organisation.

Over the next 18 months Elena and I will be blogging about our experiences on Elite. The hard works starts now.


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